Snickers Cake

Hello! This post is coming almost a year late, but finally, it’s here. Last year, for my mum’s birthday, I made her this cake. It is a cake with all the fundamental elements of Snickers, since that’s her favorite candy bar. Moist chocolate cake with caramel buttercream and toasted peanuts, what could be better? To […]

Marble Banana Bread

Hello! This amazing and healthy banana bread brings something different to the table every single time you present it. It has all the warming feel of banana bread, the comforting taste of chocolate and NONE of the guilt! The beautiful mind behind this recipe is @inesrpais on instagram. She has the best vegan recipes, you […]

Chocolate babka

Hello! I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for quite some time. It became one of my favourite things to make form my family because the beatiful swirls of chocolate make it a very impressive thing to present to them. This recipe is adapted from this one, which I hope to make someday, step by […]

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